The “YES!” Hotels group envisioned hotels as works of art and began to bring that vision to life in 2004 with the creation of the first YES! hotel Semiramis. Continuously expanding its vision, the YES! Hotels Group now features 5 unique hotels, each brilliantly designed and ingeniously crafted reinstating the notion of design hotels in Greece.

Μonsieur Didot

Here is where I’ll make my home’, Monsieur Didot said. ‘What would it be worth, though, unless you share it with esteemed friends?, a hospitable god whispered.
And so he put his tools to work: Athenian culture, Greek hospitality, discreet luxury and sustainable development; it was this set of values with which is vision was built.


Ηouse of Wine:

The largest online wine cellar in Greece with over 1000+ choices in wine, beverages, beer and gifts. Excellent prices and  worldwide shipping.

Mr Vertigo is a wine and liquor cellar located right in the heart of Athens, in Filikis Eterias Square


Grape Magazine:

Grape mag is a site created by a team that loves the art of wine for people who wish to get to know its secrets.
Grape will include stories on wine varieties, with an emphasis on Greek varieties, wine & food pairing, vineyards, wineries, accessories, serving tips, interviews with people playing a prominent role in the wine industry and more… is the most dynamic web site for modern cultural production in Greece and in the world.