Best Wineries Near Athens

Best Wineries Athens Greece

In Grape Escape we have as driving force in what we do our love for wine and its world. So, we visit the best wineries near Athens every single day, taste new wines, chat with creators and collect experiences to share with you.

We introduce here a list of our favorite wineries in random order and with reference axis our personal taste.

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Strofilia Winery

The winery in Anavyssos is the main location of the company and it’s the center of bottling and storage of all the wines of Strofilia. It features air-conditioned rooms for fermentation (for grapes from our nearby vineyard and those of our local Savatiano signature variety), wine tanks, oak casks and bottling rooms. Both its exterior and interior spaces are decorated with modern artwork, and we have a special guest room for wine tasting and various wine-related events.

Papagiannakos Winery

The first winery especially designed and built in Greece according to innovative bioclimatic standards, and which most clearly marks a new era. Set among vines, the site on which the Winery has been built is that of an old monastery and is located in the heart of the plain of the Attican Vineyards.

Gikas Winery

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The fertile valleys of mainland Greece are home to some of the best vineyards in the country. With almost 150 years of winemaking that spans four generations, the Gikas family has been creating outstanding variety of wines from this blessed region.

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Mylonas Winery

Its history starts almost a century ago, back in 1917 in the region of Keratea in Eastern Attica, with the grandfather of the owners, whose main occupation was the vine and winemaking. A brand new, small, modern winery producing high-quality wines that express the grape variety and the soil of their land.

Ktima Kokotou

Back in 1980, George and Anne Kokotos created a vineyard of seven hectares, planting international varieties; Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay. Their aim was to produce wine of the highest quality.

Queen’s Tower

The Queen’s Tower Estate was born out of Queen Amalia’s vision of the establishment of a model agricultural facility, where innovative production methods were to be applied aiming to the modernization of the greek agronomy. the vineyard covers 4 hectares( 40.000 square metres), pretty much in the same location where the initial vineyard of the queen was planted, and its extension of about 2 hectares has already begun.